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Schlicker v. State of California
$6.05 Million|Highway Design Defect
This case arises out of an auto accident dated February 16, 2003. Mrs. Schlicker was driving with her daughter on I-580 in the City of Dublin, when a van driving on the other side of the highway lost control and crossed over the median divide and struck Mrs. Schlicker's car head on.

Mrs. Schlicker suffered serious head injuries, a broken back, a broken neck and a fractured knee. Mrs. Schlicker's daughter suffered relatively minor injuries that included a fractured rib.

Our law firm filed suit against the van driver, his employer and the State of California alleging that the State was negligent for not replacing obsolete cable median barriers that allowed the van driver to cross over the median. We also filed suit against numerous contractors who were engaged in highway construction.

This case was featured in the San Francisco Recorder.

This case settled for $6.05 Million Dollars in cash.