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Ponce v. AC Transit
$5 Million|Bus Accident
This case was brought to us by Mr. Ponce's nephew, Miguel G., who is seen in the video.

Mr. Ponce was severely injured when he was struck by an AC Transit bus while crossing the street in an unmarked crosswalk. The only witness to this case testified that Mr. Ponce "walked into the bus." Mr. Ponce was unable to testify due to his injuries.

By carefully reconstructing this accident, a case of liability was established against AC Transit. The case settled in 1995 for $5 million in cash. We understand that at the time this is the largest settlement AC Transit has ever paid for a single personal injury accident.

This case was reported in the Oakland Tribune.

Our firm has handled many, many cases against AC Transit. We are familiar with all of their rules, regulations and practices. Our reputation for successfully handling cases against AC Transit led to an insurance company hiring our firm in a case against AC Transit. It is the only time that our firm has represented an insurance company.