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White v. Super Sightseeing Tours
$1.85 Million|Bus Accident
Mr. White is a former police officer visiting San Francisco with his fiance when he was rear ended by a tour bus. His fiance suffered minor injuries and settled her case for $10,000 without an attorney. This case was reported in the San Francisco Daily Journal. Mr. White Recreating Accident Mr. White's injuries were not immediately apparent. The police did not arrive for the accident. Mr. White had dinner with his fiance at Fisherman's Wharf. Mr. White then drove to Fairfield where he was examined in the emergency department and released. Mr. White suffered herniated discs at C5-6 and T7-8, a shoulder injury and a brachial plexus stretch injury. Mr. White underwent 2 surgeries for these injuries. We obtained a pre-trial settlement of $1.85 million dollars in cash. We are proud that Mr. White selected our firm to represent him. Being a former police officer knowledgeable about the legal system, he had many firms to choose from.