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Rosalie Davis v. Big O Tires
$1.4 Million|Auto Accident
This is the story of Rosalie Davis, an attorney, who almost made a million dollar mistake by hiring the wrong law firm. Rosalie was crossing the street in San Francisco when she was struck by a drunk driver.

Rosalie hired a well known San Francisco law firm to represent her. Her case was prepared and a lawsuit was filed. In April 1997, a written demand was then made to settle her case for $190,000. This demand was rejected. See Letter

After filing suit, her first law firm then lowered the demand to $175,000 in a letter dated December 1998. See Letter

This demand was also rejected and Rosalie came to us for a second opinion. We told her that we thought her first law firm was seriously undervaluing her case.

Rosalie hired us and we went to work litigating this very difficult case.

The key to the case was suing Big O Tires, a defendant Rosalie's first law firm did not even sue. Big O Tires performed a brake job on the Defendant's car 3 months prior to the accident.

After one year we settled Rosalie's case for $800,000 in cash and $600,000 in future payments. Big O Tires paid half of this settlement.

The right law firm can make a difference.