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Significant Cases
Jane Doe v. IT Corp.
$1 Million|Toxic Accident
On August 13, 2001, several construction companies were removing an underground storage tank used to store gasoline when fumes escaped from the job site and entered an office building where Plaintiff was working. Plaintiff was exposed to the fumes, became ill and was taken to the hospital where she was hospitalized for 3 days. Plaintiff developed non-specific interstitial pneumonitis, which is a serious lung injury. No one else at work was seriously injured. This was a difficult case and Plaintiff was originally unable to find a law firm to take her case. Even her workers compensation attorneys (a large law firm which handled both personal injury cases and workers compensation cases) refused to handle this claim for Plaintiff. In fact, Plaintiff was forced to file her own lawsuit and represent herself. It was almost a year later that our law firm took over the case. This case was made even more difficult when IT Corporation, the most culpable defendant, filed for bankruptcy in federal court in Delaware. Our law firm had to enter the bankruptcy proceedings and obtain leave of court to pursue IT Corporation. After several years of tenacious litigation against 6 corporate defendants and their law firms, we recovered $1 Million Dollars for Plaintiff who received $604,000 in cash and $396,000 was used to purchase a structured settlement, which will provide her tax free monthly payments of $3,752.42 for 10 years increasing at 2% every year. This case settled in May of 2006.