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Significant Cases
Tracy B. v. Lawrence P.
$250,000|Pedestrian Accident
Our client, Tracy, a minor, was crossing the street at nite when she was struck by a car. According to the police report, Tracy was ENTIRELY at fault for this accident and that Tracy kept saying over and over: "It's all my fault, it's all my fault."

See Police Report below, which states that the pedestrian was at fault for this accident. (ask our office for a full copy of the police report.)

Our firm was hired immediately following the accident and we were able to get our own traffic engineer out to the scene of the accident while the street markings were still fresh. (See photo of Steven Choi and accident reconstruction expert below.)

This allowed us to build a strong case despite the fact that the police officer found our client to be entirely at fault.

We settled this case for the policy limits of $250,000. Tracy received $67,000 in cash and future payments totaling $228,000. (See future payment schedule below.)

The present value of the total settlement was $250,000.00.