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DeWayne B. v. Rashida Hicks
$250,000|Auto Accident
DeWayne was driving his car on I-80 when he was rear-ended by another driver.

DeWayne originally hired another law firm to handle his claim, but was unhappy with their services. So he retained our law firm.

We recovered a total of $250,000 for DeWayne. This settlement reflected the policy limits on this case. We recovered $25,000 from the other driver and $225,00 from DeWayne's own insurance company under his Uninsured Motorists coverage.

DeWayne's insurance company fought this case all the way and finally settled just weeks before his binding arbitration was to begin.

This settlement covered major medical bills for surgery that was not covered by medical insurance.

After paying outstanding medical bills and our attorney's fees and costs, DeWayne received over $100,000 in his pocket.