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John Doe v. Doe Trucking Company
$750,000|Auto Accident
John Doe was riding his motorcycle down the street when a big rig made a left turn in front of him.

John Doe was uninsured, which meant that he was not entitled to recover damages for emotional distress.

John Doe hired another law firm before us but according to John Doe, that law firm became disinterested in his case because he lacked insurance and because liability was not clear.

In fact, during discovery, the trucking company located two witnesses who said they saw John Doe speeding down the street at a high rate of speed.

The trucking company filed a motion for summary adjudication in an attempt to throw out our claim for emotional distress. We beat the motion. The trucking company appealed this issue and lost. We argued that John Doe was running an errand for his employer, which his employer denied, and was covered under their insurance.

This case settled for $750,000 in cash.